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Book Overview

The Healing is a compelling story of a young girl who grew up with an eccentric motorcycle gang member father, an absent mother, and a cast of adult characters overwhelmed with their own demons—in all imaginable ways, abandoning her. Haven’s circumstances could have damaged her for life—but instead, she chose a path of healing. I love this book for its bone-deep honesty, and journey of resilience. She guides us through her transformation to heal mind, body and spirit, not with bitterness, but with reflection, forgiveness and wisdom. As you turn the pages of this book, you’ll discover possibilities for healing your own life.

-Jan M. Whalen, MASL
Author of Conversations with Well Seasoned Women and You are the Perfect Age

Haven offers companionship on the healing journey dealing with life’s perpetual ups, downs and betrayals along the way. Drawing from personal experience and digging deep, she provides a trail guide filled with beautiful healing tools, mindful reflections, and spiritual epiphanies that will empower.

-Roxane Romero
Founder of Casa de Espiritu

Haven Pearce

Haven Pearce is free spirit who has overcome impressive odds. She is dedicated to the pursuit of authentic living through the practice of compassionate self love. She resides in Arizona with her dog Buddy.